Writing Services (Everything You Need to Know to Succeed)

I get asked all the time about what makes a great writer effective. Most times, if you want to write a useful blog, book, or article, you research a topic heavily. I think there’s another way to get engaging and impactful content you might not be thinking about: writing services.

Writing services are hirable resources to help increase the effectiveness of a written document or report. Professionals utilize writing services to increase clarity, audience comprehension, and promote organizational goals. Writing services assist in technical writing projects as well, including things like press releases, annual reports, and strategic plans.

I want to prove to you that writing services are one of the most effective ways to grow your audience and reach professional goals. Plus, if you want to learn how to improve your technical writing, I will go over plenty of ways to add this vital skill to your resume.

What are Writing Services?

Writing services are a great way to improve an upcoming project or paper. Even if you only give one presentation a year to your bosses or staff, you could benefit from someone who specializes in technical and professional writing.

I imagine a big question on your mind right now is the cost of these writing services. Well, you might be happy to hear that hiring a freelance writing services professional is easy, affordable, and effective! Here’s more about what hiring a freelance writer is all about!

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Types of writing services available

I think Fiverr is one of the most useful pools for you to find a freelancer to help out with writing services. Not only is it easy to hire someone, but you can find the perfect fit for you and your budget in minutes. If you want to hire for one of these writing services, then I think you should check out Fiverr.

Book & E-book Writing

A lot of you might benefit significantly from a book being in your portfolio. Unfortunately, I know time is usually a hot commodity for many professionals. In that case, why not hire a writing services expert to get your eBook or printed book on the market!

Technical Writing

If you work in the corporate world, then you likely need technical writing skills. I know for some people, it’s not the skill that’s lacking, but the time required to get the job done. In short, hiring someone to handle technical writing for you can be something that increases your effectiveness and take a bit off your plate.

Creative Writing

Why does creative writing matter to the corporate and professional world? Well, other than creative writing being a substantial career, imaginative blogs can be a great tool to reach audiences more effectively. I think hiring some creative writing help is one of the best ways to reach audiences online.

Case Studies

Do people read case studies outside of college and universities? Yes, I love sending colleagues case studies when something new gets published in our field. You might want to look into what a case study writing services professional could do for you and your career.

Research & Summaries

Similarly to case studies, you might think research and summaries are more of an academic thing. I believe research write-ups can help coworkers understand the moving parts behind the latest initiative in marketing or sales outreach. Find ways to work research into the work you do, even if it seems out of the box.

White Papers

White papers present complex ideas in a single sheet or two for readers to comprehend and absorb. Sounds concise, right? Well, I want to stress that this sort of writing is highly technical. In that case, you might consider hiring an expert in white papers for your writing services needs.

Become a freelancer and start your first gig today

Do you have a skill that might make you distinguished as a freelancer in writing services? If you do, then I would recommend you sign up for Fiverr! There are a lot of clients I know who need quite a bit of work, and they’re always searching for experts on the platform. Sign up if you want to earn extra money and hone your skills!

More on writing services and why they are important

Everyone requires some element of writing services in their professional career. Despite having countless freelancers ready for hire, many professionals I know would instead learn these skills themselves. If you fall into that category, then why not start learning more about what writing services can do for you and your career.

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What are the objectives of technical writing services?

Technical writing services aim to provide you with all your professional writing needs. I know plenty of companies who only hire technical writers for their copy. If you need something like a press release done once a month, then it can be quite useful to simply hire someone when you have a job you need to finish.

Overall, the objectives of technical writing services are to clearly and effectively communicate something to a targeted audience. If you are a professional writer, then you need to know how to write to a specific and new tone every job. I think it’s tough, but many with the skills can become quite in-demand if they have the right talents.

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What does a technical writer get paid?

Overall, technical writers get paid in several ways. Firstly, some professional writers charge by the hour. The going rate, in many cases, is somewhere between $25-$60 an hour for things like press releases, ad copy, and other marketing and promotion items.

Secondly, technical writing services professional may charge by the job. Each project is unique, and that can mean pricing is going to vary. If you hire someone you need for a longterm project, then their regular rates might not work for their dedication over some time. In short, prices can range from $25 or so an hour to hundreds of dollars for the long term and significant projects.

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What are some examples of technical writing services?

I love using brochures as an example of technical writing services. You have all seen a brochure; usually, they are only a few pages in snug space, meaning language is going to need to be highly impactful. If you have a technical project you need, then hiring for writing services means you understand just how important the written content on a document needs to be.

Otherwise, a few other popular writing services are press releases, ad copy for social media, and blog posts. I know for most of us, the idea of blogs seems like a more conversational style of writing. If you write an excellent professional blog, then you will usually see more traffic on your web pages. Why? Because technical writing services professionals can take a blog and help to make it a great connector between you and your audience.

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What are the six traits of technical writing?

Overall, I think the six traits of technical writing are straightforward to understand. Firstly, ideas are the source of content in technical writing. Secondly, the organization helps keep the material in an easily understandable sequence. Next, voice allows you to connect to your reader as if you were simply having a conversation.

Fourthly, sentence fluency helps keep your writing diverse and exciting, no matter how long it may be. Additionally, word choice helps build credibility and precision in your ideas and information. Lastly, conventions provide readers with a familiar style of writing that helps them focus on the content.

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What are the different types of writing services styles?

Overall, there are broadly two writing services styles. The first, which I have talked about quite a bit so far, is technical writing. In this style, you usually see very straightforward language. The writer is informing the reader on an idea, project, or initiative. Some also refer to this style as professional writing. I also hear many call this formal style writing.

The other style of writing in writing services is conversational writing. If you haven’t heard of this, you might know it as friendly writing or informal writing. In this style, you use language that is more common and less strict. While conversational writing is more accessible to some audiences, you can still be talking about challenging or professional things in this style. Both serve their purposes, depending on your audience.

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Writing Guide: How to Use Writing Tools and Creative Prompts for Producing Content, Ads, Books, and Blogs

Writing Guide How to Use Writing Tools and Creative Prompts for Producing Content Ads Books and Blogs

There are plenty of people I know who don’t have to do much writing in their job. Other than emails and reports, their positions don’t require much technical writing. Suddenly, a change in leadership and management expects them to start writing ads, online content, and even blog posts. What’s the best way for you to catch up on all aspects of writing services skills?

I always send Writing Guide: How to Use Writing Tools and Creative Prompts for Producing Content, Ads, Books, and Blogs to peers wanting to brush up on creative and professional writing. No matter your field of work, I know that having these writing skills will improve your career and help you stand out among coworkers.

For a crash course in writing services and essential technical skills, pick up this all-in-one guide to career success!

Developmental Editing: A Handbook for Freelancers, Authors, and Publishers

Developmental Editing A Handbook for Freelancers Authors and Publishers

Need some professional tips on becoming a writing services expert? Look no further than this fantastic learning resource!

A huge reason so many want to enter writing services freelancing is the experience and income that follows. Well, the beginning days of the writing services world can be tough to traverse. If you want to get the upper hand, then I would pick up this fantastic book from Scott Norton.

Developmental Editing: A Handbook for Freelancers, Authors, and Publishers helps prepare every reader for the job of freelance writing services professional. From editing to technical language use, Norton helps each reader find the right balance between effective communicator and engaging writer.

The Freelance Content Marketing Writer: Find your perfect clients, Make tons of money and build a business you love

The Freelance Content Marketing Writer Find your perfect clients Make tons of money and build a business you love

In a lot of ways, freelance writing begins as a way to make extra money. If you want to add some extra income to your budget, then freelancing is a great way to do so. When you first get started, I can tell you firsthand that the transition to finding clients is not smooth. Let’s say you want to freelance but can’t see any path towards success. What happens when you want to build a business that seems to be going nowhere?

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Freelance to Freedom: The Roadmap for Creating a Side Business to Achieve Financial, Time and Life Freedom

Freelance to Freedom The Roadmap for Creating a Side Business to Achieve Financial Time and Life Freedom

Can freelancing turn into a successful writing career? Yes, and here’s the best way to do it! Find a new passion in your career today.

The transition into freelancing can be cumbersome. I know the worries that come with starting a side business: income, clients, and steady work. Not to mention, you also need to make a living! Well, the best resource I can recommend is Freelance to Freedom: The Roadmap for Creating a Side Business to Achieve Financial, Time and Life Freedom.

New freelancers looking for a plan to make their side hustle into a full-time career need to have this book on their shelves. I think it’s not only a great learning tool but an excellent blueprint for building a career in writing services.

Writing Services FAQ

At this point, I have introduced a lot of new information. For a brief refresher of the high points, let’s talk about some frequently asked questions you might have about writing services.

What is the best writing service?

The best writing service depends on what project needs technical writing. Sites like Best Essay and Grab My Essay are great for students who need assistance with a term paper or final report. Professionals might fare better on sites like Fiverr, where many believe freelancers to be the best writing service available. Overall, the best writing service is the one that fits the required budget and time. There are a lot of writing services out there, but the best are often the ones with the most subjective categories for each client to request.

What is the purpose of professional writing?

The purpose of professional writing is to keep language and ideas precise and useful. Some career writers make a living by merely writing documents and papers for others. By doing so, professional writing continues to serve an essential purpose in the corporate world. For technical writing that makes an impact on company goals, many managers and CEOs prefer hiring professional writers. In many ways, professional writing is the most purposeful way to accomplish a significant task effectively.

What is the difference between workplace writing and academic writing?

Workplace writing and academic writing are very different. Workplace writing often contains the goal of serving an interest or hope that a company seeks to achieve through the document or text. In academic writing, writers improve their area of research by claiming a new finding or hypothesis. Furthermore, academic writers often use sources to back up claims they make, whereas workplace writing is usually merely informative as it pertains to a given organizational goal.

What are some professional writing skills?

Professional writing skills include clarity, precision, persuasion, and readability. Clarity refers to the ability to share information in a way that audiences can comprehend clearly. Precision involves using language that gets right to the point, with no extra frills or filler. Persuasion includes the skill of convincing a reader to take action on something or believe a premise. Lastly, readability provides audiences with the capability to read something without getting lost in long passages of text or convoluted language.


I think in many cases of failed projects at the corporate level, professional writing services could have been an effective way to avoid failure. You might be thinking about your next writing project coming up. If you don’t want to worry about the writing process, then I highly recommend hiring someone to write for you.

Technical writers are so skilled in their language. If you want to become a professional writer yourself, then this article gives you a great blueprint on beginning your journey. I think adding technical writing services to your resume makes you very marketable in 2020. Not to mention, the working world is always going to need freelance writers. Why not make the most of the industry’s need for excellent writing and learn these skills yourself!

Can you think of a time writing services could have helped you in a professional setting or project? Do you think a course or book on writing could help your technical skills?