Types of Programming (Explained For You)

by Dave

Why is it important to know the different types of programming? The world is not going to give up its reliance on digital technology any time soon. For that reason, various types of programming will lead to the future. Find out which programming languages you will master.

Programming is a field of study that entails the creation of computer applications, websites, and software. For all intents and purposes, programming is the creation of digital language. Types of programming vary in utility and prevalence. Programming encompasses the use of a general-purpose language that is designed extensively for the use of writing programs and software in the widest variety of application domains. Programming provides a way for users to communicate with the computer through a set of instructions called “code.”

Why is it Important to Know the Different Types of Programming?

The differences in types of programming make them very diverse. Every program uses a variation of code and phrases to accomplish computer applications and software. Even some sites that use the same code use the actual code differently. If you work in programming, then it’s important to know more than just one programming language. If you consider the number of programming options at your disposal, then one might wonder why there are so many. Well, every different type of program uses a different set of inputs and outputs. For example, JavaScript and Swift have very different ways of carrying out functions. They’re both the basis for operating systems and software. Yet, writing a Java program in Swift is going to yield an unworkable software.

When studying programming, many programs teach students a variety of languages. Schools teach students the most useful programming languages. On top of learning languages, the concepts that go into implementing computer programming are important too. Types of programming might vary, but they all utilize key concepts and implementation devices. For example, any sort of website is going to use a back-end development. Whether written in one code or the next, knowing what bank-end development is will matter to most any computer programming language. As you can imagine, everything starts with algorithms.


The study of algorithms attempts to quantify the efficiency of algorithms, or pre-defined, step-by-step procedures, primarily used in computer science. This field of mathematics has applications to artificial intelligence and machine learning in addition to other areas of computer science. All great programmers use algorithms to accomplish their work. Algorithms don’t just worry about what works and what doesn’t. The key for any great programmer is to find what works best, and in the most efficient way possible. Because of this, developing great algorithms usually means a lot of trial and error. Even once a programmer finds an algorithm that works, then they still might want to see how they can improve things.

Needless to say, programming takes patients and a love for problem solving. With the increased focus on computers and technology, the world is certainly looking for algorithms to keep up with progress. Digital spaces grow, and that means better algorithms and programmers are going to be in high demand.

API Development

API Is a computer science term. The term relates to communication protocols, subroutine definitions, and tools for building software. The term provides all the building blocks needed by a programmer to develop a computer program. The phrase refers to the application of a database system, web-based system, computer hardware, operating system, or software library. Through API development, many popular computer software programs are possible. Everything from getting the program up and running to making it accessible from multiple places requires API development. If you use computers at work, then you likely use programs that went through rigorous API development.

Application Development

Application development is a developmental sequence of building a program or set of programs. From here, programmers execute any number of jobs that a software application can perform. The full range of tasks executed can include customer relations management software and sales reporting apps. The applications created to assist businesses automation processes in increasing productivity. In layman terms, application development is the process of building desktop application software. We’ve seen application development move to mobile devices as of late. Types of programming that go into mobile application development vary. Of course, each hardware utilizes a variety of specialized algorithms. In the end, it’s roughly the same process of development and rollout as a normal computer application.

Back-end Development

Back-end development entails a number of types of software development. The process refers to architecture of a system that is not related to creating code that can be used to build a user interface. Programmers utilize back-end development as a tool write code that cannot be viewed directly. The logic behind applications you use is the core principle through which back-end development operates.

C & C++ Programming

C & C++ are general purpose programming languages. The former is a high-level, structured and multipurpose programing language that resembles other notable programming languages like Pascal, PL/1, and FORTRAN. C cannot be referred to as a “Pure High-Level Language.” C++ is a general-purpose programming language with generic and object-oriented programming features that also allows for low-level memory manipulation.

Cloud Computing

At its basics, cloud computing is the delivery of servers, databases, storage services, analytics, networking, intelligence, and more computing services over the internet to provide flexible resources, faster innovation, and economies of scale. Cloud computing consists of three main models. These models include the hybrid cloud, public cloud, and private cloud. The term refers to a variety of services as well. Cloud computing can deliver applications and provide database storage. It also refers to computing power and other IT services through the Internet.

Data Science – Achieving the heart of the types of programming

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of study that combines various algorithms, scientific methods, tools, machine learning principles, scientific processes, and systems to discover hidden patterns and extract insights and knowledge from raw data in various ways, whether it is structured and unstructured, in a similar way to data mining.

Embedded Systems Development

Embedded system development is the process of building a programmed operating system with a dedicated function within a broader electrical or mechanical system that serves a broader purpose, often with real-time computing challenges. It is integrated as part of the complete device and can include both mechanical and hardware parts.


Java is a multipurpose general computer programming language that is class-based, object-oriented, specifically designed, and concurrent to have as little implementation dependency as possible. The language was created with the aim of allowing application developers to write codes and run it anywhere as long as the platform supports Java without needing recompilation. Java is owned by Oracle and was created in 1995.

JavaScript is an interpreted high-level programming language. Programmers characterize this language as versatile and wide-ranging in utility. JavaScript stands as a primary language of the internet and its technological structure. The others that make up much of the internet are CSS and HTML. JavaScript is an interpreted, JIT compiled, a lightweight programming language with one of the best functions when it comes to programming.

Mobile Development

Mobile development is the development process for mobile devices. These devices include phones, tablets, and handheld devices. Development creates enterprise digital assistants, personal digital assistants or mobile browsers. Many applications come pre-installed on phones from the manufacturer. These would include calculators or SMS systems. Users can also install their own applications. Mobile development is similar to Web development and has its roots in traditional software development.

Python – A growing hit in the types of programming

Python is a sophisticated high-level programming language interpreted for general-purpose programming. The program first released in 1991. Python’s creator is Guido van Rossum, a famous figure in computer science. Python stresses the importance of code readability using significant whitespace. Python is the perfect programming language for beginners because of its simple easy-to-use syntax and its readability. Many programs in higher education start with Python as a means to introduce programming language.

Security Software Development

Security Software development is a practice that stresses digital safety. The key to security software development is the focus on better software that rejects the threats of cybersecurity crime. Developers can create better applications and software when they follow the secure software development practice. Secure Software development entails different processes like secure coding and implementing the Security Development Lifecycle. If you use any major program, then you can assume it went through a phase of security software development.

Software tools development involves the creation of computer programs that are used by software programmers to maintain, debug, or support additional programs and applications. Every computer problem requires a software tool to devise strategic solutions, and the development of such tools is based on the continual requirements of computer users to identify and solve coding problems.


SQL is a standard programming language for manipulating, retrieving, and storing data in various databases. The acronym stands for Structured Query Language. It is a domain-specific language used in programming and sometimes mainly for managing and manipulating data in an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System. It can also be used for stream processing in the data stream management system (RDSMS).

Swift – Apple’s favorite of the types of programming

Swift is an intuitive and powerful programming language for tvOS, iOS, macOS, and watch operating systems. The language is very fun and interactive to write, and its syntax is expressive yet concise. Swift appeals to those who love Apple products. Not to mention, it’s also very easy to master once you learn its nuances. Swift code is very safe by design, and it is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language developed by Apple Inc themselves.

Web Development

Web development is the process of web programming. Development can occur on an intranet, or private network. It can also occur on a website, or the World Wide Web, for the internet. The process is the development of dynamic web applications. Web development can be a collaborative effort or the domain of a particular department. The process is often the most crucial process in building a website.

What are some Growing Types of Programming

For a long time, three types of programming language ruled the web. Java, being around for a long time, is obviously very popular. Java is the basis for many corporate and consumer software. Meanwhile, Python continues to grow in popularity as well. Python, as mentioned above, is easy for programmers and computers to read. The language is also taught in many programs as an introductory programming language. Lastly, Swift continues to grow in popularity and prevalence. Why? Apple products, from phones to tablets and smart TVs, are used all over the world. Therefore, the language powering these devices is in high demand.

If you keep an eye on programming trends, then you’ll also see C & C++ continue to grow as well. Firstly, the languages provide a well-rounded set of capabilities for programmers. Plus, the Microsoft-developed C# is growing in popularity as well.

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A programmer is someone who writes digital code in several programming languages to create software. On top of learning languages, the concepts that go into implementing software are essential. As you can imagine, everything starts with algorithms. Jobs come in all levels and salaries, for example, business intelligence analyst, computer network architect, computer systems analyst, database administrator, embedded engineers, full-stack web developer, healthcare informatics, mobile developers, network system administrator, software application developer, software developers, software quality assurance engineer, statistical modelers, and thousands more.


If you want to learn programming, then the different types of programming are crucial to master. Above all, nobody expects a programmer to learn every language. That being said, knowing the key types of coding make you more marketable. If you learn more about coding, then you can accomplish more in programming. Aspiring students, as well as professors, must know programming languages from the inside out. Meanwhile, programming is also changing daily. There are new algorithms and code sequences popping up around the world each and every year. Similarly, the digital needs of the world change as well.

The world is not going to give up its reliance on digital technology any time soon. For that reason, types of programming will lead the future. Knowing how to read and write computer programs makes the field a booming industry for careers. If you don’t know what you want to be professionally, then you might want to consider programming. With a little learning, the field can be lucrative and secure in terms of employment.

Therefore, types of programming matter. As always, the process of learning code is difficult at first. It’s no different from any science, however. Through hard work, improvement occurs daily. The various types of programming make the field diverse and dynamic. Hopefully, knowing a few different parts of the terminology helps.