The Best Twitter Accounts for Mathematics (Who to Follow)


In this video, I present the 52 best Twitter accounts related to mathematics. These accounts discuss a wide range of topics and differ widely in their eloquence and personal charisma.

What makes each account one of the best Twitter accounts for mathematics

Below, I will show you the best Twitter accounts for mathematics by going through each one and reviewing that each account satisfies the following requirements.

  • Firstly, active accounts that have published at least one tweet in the last month.
  • Secondly, accounts that are primarily engaged in mathematics or some activity related to doing mathematics. 
  • After that, I check that each account has at least 1K followers, and several of its tweets have some engagement by other accounts.
  • Finally, I show the most retweeted tweet from the past year.

1. Numberphile @numberphile

Numberphile I only met legendary John Conway one time, but he generously spoke on all sorts of topics Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

2. Grant Sanderson @3blue1brown

Grant Sanderson Fun fact this is the number of milliseconds in a day Twitter Accounts for Mathematics Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

3. Eddie Woo @misterwootube

Eddie Woo Witnessing Paralympic gold medalist @kurtfearnley become the 2020 NSW @ausoftheyear? Moving. Knowing his personal story & incomprehensible courage? Inspiring. Being interviewed by him at my school for #OnePlusOne? A privilege. Tune in tonight 9:30pm on @ABCTV & iview.

4. NancyPi @NancyPI

NancyPi NEW VIDEO!🤷🏻‍♀️Because you can never have enough chain rule?

5. Krista King @KristaKingMath

Krista King Hey guys! This is a project I've been working on to help everybody who's taking AP Calculus AB or BC this year. I'll be releasing more of these AP unit videos over the next week or so. 🤓 I really hope you're all staying safe and healthy!

6. Think Twice @thinktwice2580

Think Twice Controlling the rotation of hemispheres with a sine wave. Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

7. Nic Petty (Dr Nic) @RogoNic

Nic Petty Dr Nic 7. Nic Petty (Dr Nic) Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

8. James Schloss @LeiosOS

James Schloss I feel like the first lesson to learn about programming is that you will probably fail at every step of the process at some point.  The trick is to find a community that celebrates failure and helps you grow from it.

9. Yen Duong, Ph.D @yenergy

Yen Duong Ph.D Know anyone who thought math grad school would be great, but life got in the way/they didn't get in/maybe it's been a long time?

10. Sheldon Axler @AxlerLinear

Sheldon Axler The 50 free videos for Linear Algebra Done Right may be useful for online instruction. To assist students and faculty, I have now made the slides that accompany the videos also available. The slides and the videos are at

11. Evelyn Lamb @evelynjlamb

Evelyn Lamb Roses are red Thumbs are opposable Equal-sized polygons  Are equidecomposable  Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

12. Peter Smith @PeterSmith

Peter Smith Some Gödel news. The second edn. of my *Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems* is now available as a free PDF download. Enjoy, and spread the world! There’s a link here:

13. Nassim Nicholas Taleb @nntaleb

Nassim Nicholas Taleb RUE WEALTH  Worriless sleeping Clear conscience Reciprocal gratitude Absence of envy Muscle strength Frequent laughs No meals alone No gym classes Good digestive functions No meeting rooms Periodic surprises Foamy coffee Crusty bread Ability to nap Access to a hammock

14. Federico Ardila @FedericoArdila

Federico Ardila In case they are useful to you, I have 6 free online courses (~225 hrs) on: -Enumerative Combinatorics -Polytopes -Matroid Theory -Coxeter Groups -Combinatorial Commutative Algebra -Hopf Algebras in Combinatorics

15. Sunil Singh @Mathgarden

Sunil Singh The entire history of mathematics is about  being slow and failing repeatedly. Also, everyone who ventured into this defeating labyrinth did so willingly. School math has been about speed and success with mandatory entry. Square peg meet round hole.

16. David Wees @davidwees

David Wees A heads up to parents who (unexpectedly) need access to at home math learning opportunities. @DreamBox_Learn has changed their free trial period to 90 days.

17. P A Hunt @TeachFMaths

P A Hunt Knock-Out Rounds Match 5  Vote for your favourite film from today's choices.  Only the winner can go through.  New match every day.  Please RT after voting. It really helps.  Draw etc. in the attached thread.

18. Mr. Bayew @MrBayew

Mr. Bayew Hey maths twitteratti, we are looking for a KS3 maths teacher in Frome, Somerset, get in touch if you're interested,  A RT would be fab! Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

19. Dan Summerell @ponderingDan

Dan Summerell Found this on TikTok. Never seen this type of #math tool before, seems like a useful strategy. Thoughts? Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

20. Geometry Dad @GeometryDad

Geometry Dad An #animation inspired by wind turbines. #GeoGebra #Geometry Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

21. Ben Orlin @benorlin

Ben Orlin *asteroid approaches*  SCIENTISTS: If we don't stop this, it will destroy Earth.  PEOPLE: Oh no. How many people has it killed so far?  SCIENTISTS: None yet.  PEOPLE, SUDDENLY ARMED WITH STATISTICS: Why, that's fewer than traffic accidents! Fewer than vending machines! Fewer than Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

22. 10ticks @10ticks

10ticks We understand that it is a difficult and challenging time for schools. This is why we are offering ALL UK schools the 10ticks Mental Maths system absolutely free until the end of this school year.

23. Dan Bach @dansmath

Dan Bach #mathquarantine — Day 23: The view from my desk, stage left.

24. Colin Beveridge @icecolbeveridge

Colin Beveridge Interestingly, @markreckless voted for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the Senedd and accused those who voted against it of a futile anti-Brexit stunt Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

25. Mark McCourt @EmathsUK

Mark McCourt As requested... here is a short video in which I discuss the incredible map of mathematics that we have built over the last 16 years.

26. Andrew Jeffrey @AJMagicMessage

Andrew Jeffrey Despite rumours they were on furlough, we just had an unannounced visit from @Ofstednews.  It didn't go as badly as we'd feared. Here's the summary report.

27. Mary Pardoe @PardoeMary

Mary Pardoe I've always loved this film! Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

28. Kathryn MCCT @Arithmaticks

Kathryn MCCT Just been for an eye test and walked past @Primark on the way and I bloody love this window display Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

29. Math with Matthew @MathWithMatthew

Math with Matthew The pricing of this drove me crazy that I had to speak to someone about it. Can you figure out what shook me up?  Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

30. Hilary Kreisberg @Dr_Kreisberg

Hilary Kreisberg Excited to share our new Parent Video Series starting w/ Top 3 Facts Every Parent Needs to Know About Math! Translated into Spanish, Portuguese, & Chinese. Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

31. James Tanton @jamestanton

James Tanton A wordless puzzle for today.

32. Steve Phelps @MathTechCoach

Steve Phelps Want a virtual whiteboard? Take this @GeoGebra #Book with three blank whiteboards, three grid boards and three graph boards, turn it into a #Classroom Activity, and see what students are doing in real time:

33. Tim Brzezinski @TimBrzezinski

Tim Brzezinski 3D #Battleship anybody? 😮 Set up your game board (position your ships) & explore & plot right w/in #AugmentedReality on your device!

34. DrFrostMaths @DrFrostMaths

DrFrostMaths Bad social distancing maths... #pythagoras Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

35. Lois Lindemann @MoreThanMaths

Lois Lindemann It's still important to go to your GP even if you don't think you have cancer. I went with a sore neck, expecting a prescription for anti-inflammatories. I didn't connect my sore neck to my hot flushes & itchy skin, but my GP did & referred me for the tests & treatment I needed.

36. Tim Stirrup @timstirrup

Tim Stirrup This is good advice if you are going to do some online learning. I would still say phase this in. Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

37. Craig Barton @mrbartonmaths

Craig Barton Following my email this morning, I have added a few more links to free maths resources that might prove useful in the event of school closures.  I hope people find it useful in this difficult time.

38. Drew Foster @drewfoster0

Drew Foster If you can solve the problem without a calculator RETWEET   Don't post the answer  Divide 110 into two parts so that one will be 150% of the other. What are the two numbers?

39. Dan Finkel @MathforLove

Dan Finkel Work with kids & families who need more tools for numeracy, and can't afford them? I've just put together a printer-friendly #TinyPolkaDot starter deck you can print and give away. Get it for free, plus links to instructions in Spanish, French, Mandarin

40. Bonnie Basu @GotMathHelp

Bonnie Basu Gave this as one my attendance questions this week & asked:   What math do you see?  Responses clearly show that my kids don't see math as part of their everyday lives. They see it as worksheets & procedures

41. George Shiber @GeorgeShiber

George Shiber Best thing I’ve seen on the web in quite a while

42. Christopher Doyle @MrDataScience

Christopher Doyle This is a game changer for small farm owners! The planter that turns hours of planting into just minutes. #Innovation #Sustainability #tech #farming Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

43. Joshua Bowman @Thalesdisciple

Joshua Bowman Are you planning to do some self-study in mathematics this summer? Interested in learning complex analysis? Try my IBL notes on complex variables! 250 exercises teach you the basics. The only prerequisite is multivariable calculus. Send me your email address by DM if interested.

44. TJ Hitchman @ProfNoodlearms

TJ Hitchman It is pretty hard to think about math right now, so this week's Talk Math With Your Friends won't be math, exactly.  @thewordninja_bk is going to lead a discussion we've titled Disrupt Math With Your Friends Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

45. Holly Krieger @hollykrieger

Holly Krieger All she did is add and subtract 1’s, and what happens next will blow your mind  - 97.532671% of mathematicians in 1885 got this wrong - can YOU guess the answer? Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

46. ProfGhristMath @robertghrist

ProfGhristMath linear dynamics given by x'=Ax (for A a square matrix) are determined by the eigenvalues of A. this example has 3 eigenvalues. when they're real, flow goes in/out along eigendirections; a complex pair yields spirals. if all 3 are the same w/one eigenvector, it "tries" to spiral.

47. Emily Riehl @emilyriehl

Emily Riehl Petition to protect our F1 students:

48. Tom Bennison @DrBennison

Tom Bennison The time of year you have all been waiting for..... this year’s A-Level Calculated colouring is here. There will also be a Further Maths calculated colouring coming out this week - hopefully Wednesday.

49. Henri Picciotto @hpicciotto

Henri Picciotto New post: No One Way, where I argue that using multiple tools, approaches, and representations is not only pedagogically sound, but it is in fact demanded by the math itself.

50. Bernie Westacott @berniewestacott

Bernie Westacott Something on Twitter reminded me of the importance of precise usage of maths language. I would advise any secondary maths teacher who has has not yet read Tony Gardiner (maths hero of mine)  'Teaching Maths at Secondary Level' to download the free version

51. Andrew Sharpe @asharpeducator

Andrew Sharpe Teachers: is a COMPLETELY FREE international puzzle competition for schools I created. Great for remote learning. You can monitor you students' participation Twitter Accounts for Mathematics

Well, there you have it. These should give you plenty of ideas for people to follow if you are interested in mathematics. You may also want to find out about the best YouTube channels for mathematics.