Translation Services (Everything You Need to Know)

There are a ton of ways to get your words and thoughts into the hands of thousands of readers. One way some don’t consider is utilizing different languages. The practice is possible even if you don’t speak other languages, thanks to translation services.

Translation services are the transition of one piece of text into another language. During the translation process, someone with the knowledge of two languages takes the words and context of a part of the document and puts it into another language for new readers.

I utilize translation services for several reasons. Because you might only speak a particular language, it doesn’t mean others who speak different languages aren’t interested in your work. So, what are translation services, and what can they do for you?

What are Translation Services?

Translation services are the way that you and I get information into different languages. For example, I might be looking for a book on a topic, and I see a great resource in a language I don’t know. On the other hand, you can hire translation services to translate your work to reach new readers. In any sense of the word, understanding content knows no bounds thanks to translation services.

There are a lot of different ways to utilize translation services. If you want something quick, then you can go with software. On the other hand, I believe hiring someone to translate the content for you is ideal. Without spending a lot of money; selecting someone as a freelancer is likely your best bet.

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Types of translation services available

For hiring a freelancer, I think there is no better bet than Fiverr. On Fiverr, you can find someone who works professionally in translation services to get the job done for you. There are so many great options available to you in a number of the ideal ways to hire translation services. Here are just a few categories worth checking out.


If you want to master the nuances of a new language, then I would consider hiring a general translator. You can learn a lot about languages when working with someone who knows the language well. There are a ton of resources on Fiverr for this very situation.


We all love reading books, and a language shouldn’t stop you from a great read. Old classics from different parts of the world are in multiple languages, and new books or literature can be too. Hire someone for book translating to help reach new readers. I find a lot of people on Fiverr have experience in this part of the publishing industry.

Marketing/Sales Content

When reaching new audiences, you need to make sure language barriers are not a problem. For example, you and I know the U.S. has a large Spanish speaking population. If you want to reach the maximum amount of customers or audiences, then translating into Spanish is profitable. Hire someone to help today.

Contractual and legal translating is highly technical. I would never look to software to translate legalese for me. In those cases, I think hiring a freelancer who knows the law and speaks multiple languages is ideal. You can find people like that on Fiverr.

Become a freelancer and start your first gig today

If you know multiple languages, then you might want to consider becoming a freelancer. If you find yourself wanting to make some extra money, then freelancing might be very profitable for you. Look into the details of freelancing on Fiverr today. You never know, you might make a career out of it! I also think it’s a great way to keep up with your skills and stay motivated.

More on translation services and why they are important

If you’re hiring translation services, then I think it’s ideal for making sure you’re hiring a great resource. The way to tell if something is worth the money or not involves a bit of research. I’m here to help make sure you find the best resources possible.

Let’s dive into what I think are some critical elements of an excellent translation service.

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What is the best online translation service?

Online translation services are usually free, though, for exceptional services, some people are willing to pay. So, how do you determine what is the best online translation service? Well, I want to talk about why some authors are willing to pay. Things like Google Translate are free to use, so why pay? Well, some paid translation services offer a live person to help translate. Do you need something like that?

I think for professional translation services, people are better than software. Hiring on Fiverr is ideal if you require a near-perfect translation. Overall, free versions of software like Google Translate are just as useful. Still, sometimes automated translations don’t take into consideration the slang or nuances of speaking a language. Using both can be the ideal balance.

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How do you price translation services?

Like any sort of service, I find that translation services vary in price depending on the job at hand. If you hire someone to translate something, then you likely pay an hourly fee. For some freelancers, this also depends on the number of words. While this may play a role in how long they work on something, more cumbersome work might come with a hefty price tag.

For a translation of a single brochure, you might find someone who can translate it for you for relatively little money. Translations, like any service, cost what they’re worth in most cases. Therefore, I would recommend not to pay for a subpar software or translator and then find yourself wishing you had gotten something better.

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What is translation services in libraries?

Even public libraries can provide translation services. They are honestly a resource I think all should use more often. There are a lot of reasons to visit the library, and if you need translation services, then you have one more reason to go.

In a library, you often find sources of information like books and articles from all over the world. I believe language barriers should not be the reason someone can’t read about a topic of interest. For this reason, libraries host translation services in their institutions. Some of the work is done by actual people, while others are through software. Depending on what you need, I think going to a library for translation services might be the best option for you.

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Which is better for translation services iTranslate or Google Translate?

For a long time, two translator services have sort of stood above the rest. I think there’s a clear difference between the two, although many love both. In my opinion, the choice between iTranslate and Google Translate is easy.

Google Translate is the more straightforward software to use. You can access it online at a computer, on a tablet, or a mobile phone. Apps are usually worse than the websites themselves from what I have experienced, but Google Translate is flawless. Plus, they add new updates all the time for no additional cost.

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What’s the best free translator app?

You and I both know some translating is not formal. Having a free translator app is sometimes perfect on-the-go. If you want to know about the translation to a phrase at the moment, then an app is your best bet.

Two popular free translator app choices are some of the ones I use most. You might want to start with iTranslate, one of the longest-running translation services apps. It’s a popular one for a reason and very easy to use. Likewise, Google Translate is wonderful and works with typing and voice recordings.

Read How to Do It – The 4 Best Books for Translation

Revising and Editing for Translators (Translation Practices Explained)

Revising and Editing for Translators Translation Practices Explained

I know finding time to learn how to revise and edit as a translator can be tough. There are a lot of resources to learn these skills yourself, and a great one is this guide to the art of fine-tuning a translation.

What is the best way to become a better translation expert? I think many would argue the proper way to practice the skill is to revise and edit other translations. If you want to work in translation services, then mastering editing and reviewing is a must. It makes you more marketable, plus, you can work with others on their translations as well.

Learn to revise and edit translations to help others, and yourself reach new readers outside of your country.

You might be wondering where to start, but I think the answer is clear. For newcomers to translation and its process, check out Revising and Editing for Translators (Translation Practices Explained). There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the process than this book. If you want to make the most of your translation skills, then start here!

The Craft of Translation (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing)

The Craft of Translation Chicago Guides to Writing Editing and Publishing

The translation is so much more than just merely putting words into another language. I find a lot of professional translators are great at what they do because they work hard to ensure they capture the nature of the words.

Why hire others to translate for you if you can teach yourself? The Craft of Translation is where it all begins for you and your career.

A considerable element in professional writing is style guides. Owning The Craft of Translation (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing) helps get you caught up with what professionals want from a translator. Start today and become a highly successful writer, editor, and publisher within translation services.

Translating Literature: Practice and Theory in a Comparative Literature Context

Translating Literature Practice and Theory in a Comparative Literature Context

In a lot of ways, translators who can work with literature are the most highly coveted professionals. There are so many nuances to writing, including intended meaning, double meanings, and storytelling. To master it all, you can’t just know how to translate, but how to take things comparatively and get across the same meaning using different languages.

Translate literature and become a highly coveted expert in translation services to boost your professional career.

For a good start in practice, I think you should pick up Translating Literature: Practice and Theory in a Comparative Literature Context. This book is a go-to source for the method of translating literature and finding ways to make the most of a skill worth using. Plus, it’s easy to understand and follow!

Translation Services FAQ

Still not sure about all the aspects of translation services? Explore the topic further here with some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

What are translation services?

Translation services are the many ways professionals use their knowledge as a means to take work and translate it into other languages. Professional translators often work online are easily contracted online as well. During translation services, someone who speaks two languages very well takes one text and translates its words and contextual undertones for readers of a new language. Some translation services also include adding a few subjective elements to help make sense of the words in another language.

What is translation services in libraries?

Many libraries provide translation services to patrons who want to read something in their language. Professionals on-site can use software to translate content into another language. In libraries around the world, translation services are free. In a lot of ways, libraries serve to help connect readers to whatever book or text they would like to read.

How do you price translation services?

Translation services usually have a base rate, which depends on the freelancer. Plus, word counts of the translated material matter, and make up another aspect of the cost. The experience one has in translation services can also increase the price, as well as whether or not the translator is in-demand from many clients. Knowing a price range is usually the best way to go about hiring someone for translation services. Most freelance translators run their hourly rate around $15-$30 an hour, plus added costs for additional work.

What is the best online translation service?

Google Translate is the world’s most popular online translation service. Millions all over the world use Google Translate to convert phrases, or entire paragraphs simply. The service also has an app, which is popular with mobile users across the globe. Hiring a freelancer on Fiverr for translation services is also a prevalent method of obtaining the service. Others prefer to use translation software sites, which provide an automated translation of the documents given by a user. iTranslate also ranks among the top options for online translation services.


Translation services are more accessible than ever to obtain. With options to fit anything you might need, I think you will be able to find the right service for your needs quickly.

If you want to make the most of your work, then translating it into popular languages from around the world increases your reach. Better yet, it’s not too expensive, depending on who you hire or what software you use. The world is growing more connected thanks to the ability to translate texts and documents quickly. As a writer, are you looking to improve your audience in ways that might seem revolutionary and impactful? I think the best way to go about doing that is hiring for translation services.

How do you think translation services could help further your career?