Marketing Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

by Dave

Marketing services help authors connect their work to thousands of readers. Utilizing things like social media, content marketing, and expert strategies help make self-published authors successful. Read how to hire someone for marketing services and why they’re so important to authors.

You have your eBook finished, and you’re ready to start selling. I know how exciting this step in the self-publishing process is first hand. There are a lot of great hurdles you need to cross to get to this point, but the work is far from finished. Now, you’ll need to look into marketing services to make sure your book reaches the right audience.

Marketing services are a crucial tool for self-published authors. By utilizing marketing services, a self-published eBook can reach large audiences, just like traditional publishers do for clients. With so many books on the eBook marketplaces, these services assist self-published authors in reaching their core audience. In doing so, authors can sell their book to thousands, without the need to find a publisher to get the book into reader’s hands.

I think the important thing to know about marketing a self-published book is that authors need to be ready to get creative. A lot of different services exist for you to take advantage of, and you need them all to succeed.

So, let’s dive into what these services actually are, and why they can help your book reach thousands of readers.

What are Marketing Services?

To begin, let’s overview the types of services you can utilize. Marketing is far from a singular tactic or strategy. In fact, marketing professionals master a number of different channels and approaches to getting a product into the hands of a wide variety of people.

I know when I look to market something I write, I want to keep my costs low. In short, you likely don’t have money for a marketing agency. Luckily, there are a ton of marketing professionals waiting to help you on freelancing websites.

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Types of marketing services available

Websites like Fiverr provide authors like me and you with crucial marketing services for a fraction of the cost of a firm. I worried at first that the lower cost might mean sacrificing knowledge or quality content. Overall, the worries about professionalism are unfounded. These services are available to you from industry experts ready to help you market your book.

Social Media Marketing

You need to be utilizing social media marketing. As a low cost opportunity to market your book, social media professionals assist you on copywriting for posts, planning paid ads, and targeting audiences. A strong social media presence is one of the most influential tools in an author’s playbook.

Public Relations

While social media helps reach audiences, public relations helps to reach media outlets and organizations. A PR freelancer can help draft press releases, provide you with media opportunities, and get your book into mass media outlets. Plus, they assist with the process of building a professional brand.

Content Marketing

When you finish your book, the content creation does not stop. In fact, written content is a great way to tell the story behind your eBook. Professionals specialize in blogs, articles, and other forms of content marketing to help get the word out about your book in an organic, conversational way.

Video Marketing

If you ask professionals which marketing strategy is booming, then they’ll tell you video marketing. Firstly, videos draw large online audiences. Secondly, video marketing provides users with a visual and auditory experience. Lastly, there are a lot of video marketing professionals waiting for you on Fiverr.

Marketing Strategy

If you know you need marketing, then start with a sound strategy. Some expert marketing professionals help guide you through the process, and then you can also find others to get the content finished. In short, a strategy keeps your marketing efforts clear and precise. Overall, you need precision and clarity to succeed in self-publishing.

Become a freelancer and start your first gig today

If you are a marketing services professional, then why not become a freelancer? Freelancing sites like Fiverr are a great way to reach new professional heights. Plus, you can earn extra money while doing so. If you are interested, then make sure to check out Fiverr and sign up for a free account.

More on marketing services and why they are important

If you’re still thinking about whether or not they’re worth it, then trust in the power of marketing services. I can’t imagine how hard it’d be to share information about my books without services like these. In short, you can’t do it all yourself.

Overall, marketing services are the easiest way to market your self-published book.

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How do I utilize marketing services for my self published book?

To begin, publishers have it easy. If you have a publisher, then they get the word out about your book. If you self-publish, then it’s a different story. Firstly, everything is up to you. I know it feels secondary to the actual writing, but marketing is crucial to the success of your book.

With that in mind, marketing your self-published book is done a few different ways.

Firstly, social media is a huge way to reach mass amounts of people in short amounts of time. Secondly, content marketing helps to provide narratives to your story and your work. Lastly, marketing strategy and public relations help to make media contacts, which lead to larger platforms for marketing.

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What is the best self publishing platform for marketing services?

When it comes to marketing your eBook, there are a few key options. As mentioned, social media is a huge help for getting the word out. When it comes to actual eBook platforms, another great option is Kindle Direct Publishing.

As far as marketing services go, KDP is a great resource to get your book marketed on Amazon. Ever wonder where sponsored ads for eBook come from? That’s right, KDP services help to share you book with interested and applicable audiences.

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How do I get my book noticed on Amazon using marketing services?

If you’re wanting to get noticed on Amazon, then you have some things you can do to help your chances. Marketing services help to provide your book with higher click rates using search engine optimization. In your eBook’s description, you can utilize things like keywords and phrases to get your book into more online searches.

KDP assists in the process, but you can do your part as well. Firstly, make sure to use keywords in the description section of your Amazon listing. Secondly, be sure to link your product in content marketing resources. Lastly, utilize keywords you find in similar books to yours in your listing.

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Is it better to self publish or get a publisher for marketing services?

I know this is a lot of information, but don’t forget the hassle of publishers. If you want to have total control over your content, then a self-published route is for you. Publishers have plenty of resources for you to take advantage of, but they often have requirements and restrictions.

Not all publishers change or dictate your content, but why risk it? Utilizing marketing services and online self-publishing tools can be just as effective. Plus, you can have total control over the way in which your book is presented to the public.

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Does self publishing hurt your chances, and how do marketing services help?

A downside to self-publishing is the loss of resources provided by a publisher. Still, it’s not like when I self-publish a book I can’t find those resources myself. In fact, a lot of self-published authors utilize marketing services and other tools to gain the same advantage publishers have.

When you hire the right help in marketing services, you can reach just as many readers with your eBook as a publisher can. Don’t forget: self-published books aren’t some how lesser than publisher-sponsored books. The roads are different, but you still can achieve the same popularity and sales when self-publishing.

Do It Yourself – Watch it on YouTube

At this point, you might want to hire marketing services outright. That’s great, and I highly recommend it. Still, it never hurts to learn a little bit yourself. A great resource to utilize is YouTube. YouTube videos on marketing and self-publishing help authors like you learn the ropes. So, where to start? Well, how about the video below!

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Marketing Services FAQ

If you’re still curious about marketing services, then make sure to review these frequently asked questions!

What does a book marketer do?

Book marketers help to connect interested and relevant audiences to a book and author. By hiring book marketers, authors reach greater audiences than if they tried to market a book on their own.

How do I market my self published book?

Marketing a self-published book is easy thanks to social media and content marketing. By creating a strong social media presence, authors who self-publish can still get their book into the hands of thousands of readers.

How do I promote my book on Amazon?

Amazon offers promotion to self-published authors who utilize search engine marketing techniques. Utilizing keywords and key phrases in an Amazon description helps connect user searches on the site to content authors are trying to sell.

How much does a book publicist cost?

The cost of a book publicist ranges in hourly wages to stipends for a period of time. Some freelance publicists will provide authors with content and support for a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, publicist firms charge much more, which may be out of the price range for a self-published author.


Getting your book sold to thousands of readers is easy with marketing services. If you don’t think you can do it on your own, then hire someone to help! That’s why I love sites like Fiverr. If you want to give it a go on your own, then take advantage of self-teaching resources as well.

Your book is ready for the big time, you just need to let people know where to find it! Marketing can be the difference between an author waiting for a big break and the next Best Seller. Find your place in the self-published industry by utilizing marketing services for your next eBook!

How might marketing services assist you in your next self-published work? Can you see marketing services being a useful tool for your eBook or articles?