Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1

Looking for a comprehensive textbook on electrical engineering? Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1 gives a great overview for students taking an introductory course.

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1 is a textbook for beginners. Students taking an introductory electrical engineering course will benefit from its thoroughness. They will learn how to create, manipulate, transmit, and receive information electronically. These are the fundamentals. Written by an electrical engineering professor of several decades, the textbook makes these concepts clear for students to comprehend. For instance, it begins with a history of electrical engineering and explains how the field has evolved over the decades in practice and technology.

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1

This gives the reader ample context and background to keep in mind as they build upon their knowledge. Furthermore, readers will get a deeper understanding of how electrical engineering works in the real world.

In addition, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1 is laid out into seven chapters: the introduction, signals and systems, analog signal processing, frequency domain, digital signal processing, information communication, and the appendix.

Then, each chapter breaks up into several lessons that lead into one another. This format makes the book a useful resource for professors creating lesson plans and guiding students through the material. The textbook also provides many relevant formulas, which it explains through diagrams that illustrate their applications.

About the Author of Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1

Don Johnson earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from MIT in 1974. Now, he is a professor of electrical and computer engineering, as well as statistics, at Rice University, where he has worked since 1977. Johnson has received several teaching awards, including the George R. Brown Award for Excellence in Teaching and the George R. Brown award for Superior Teaching four times from Rice University. In addition, Johnson co-founded Modulus Technologies, Inc. He is a former president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The Signal Processing Society awarded him the Meritorious Service Award in 2000, and he was a distinguished lecturer in the Signal Processing Society.

Publisher: OpenStax CNX
License: Attribution