What Is Chemical Engineering and Why Is It Important

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Chemical engineering is developing processes, design, and operation of plants where substances change either their physical or chemical state. This article gives a history and overview of chemical engineering and introduces various sub-specialties, such as biomaterials and crystallography. Learn more about this important branch of engineering.

What is Chemical Engineering?

The most complex creations start with an understanding of elements, necessary materials, and chemistry. For many professionals, mastering these practices provide a lucrative and meaningful job opportunity. Let’s review the requirements and salary of a chemical engineering career as well as where to find articles and resources on the subject.

Chemical engineering is the practice of designing products from raw materials and elements. Overall, the profession requires a careful study of both chemistry and engineering to lead innovation across crucial business sectors. Chemical engineers work with both inanimate objects and plants to help create more useful tools to expand and improve society.

The vital elements of this industry continue to prove profitable for businesses. In turn, salaries and job opportunities for this career field entice new professionals to the career each year. If you find chemistry or engineering interesting, then studying both together can open many doors to your job and future. To begin, let’s review the requirements, career, and salary expectations of chemical engineering.


Like many types of engineering, chemical engineers must go through rigorous learning and training to become professionals in the field. For starters, a chemical engineering career beings with several requirements at the college level. Most programs in this field include several courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Other electives can help as well, including computer science courses or additional lab work.

Before someone can earn a high salary, they must start with an entry-level chemical engineering position. To start a career, most students obtain some internship to gain field experience. Many college programs require a course to graduate from this subject. From here, new graduates can usually find a job easily because the field is always hiring.

Many young professionals in this field say that college work adequately prepares them for a career in chemical engineering. With so many graduates in this study each year, you might be nervous about the competitive nature of the subject. In reality, many college programs offer this class sequence in their applied sciences department. It’s straightforward to discover a school near you that can help you to achieve a degree in this subject. Then, you can find the right career for you.

Average Salary

There are several reasons to pursue a career in this field. One significant influence on many intelligent students is the salary of a career in chemical engineering. The work is tough, and classes present an academic challenge. Nevertheless, compensation is significant once entering the workforce.

The base salary for most in the field is among the highest in all branches of engineering. If you obtain a chemical engineering job, your average salary is around $115,000. Even right out of school, most young professionals stand to make about $65,000. As far as starting annual wages go, this is a generous amount of money to offer newly graduated students. Overall, the perks of a bachelor’s degree make the job quite lucrative.

If you go on to earn a master’s degree in this field, then the financial benefits increase as well. In short, many top employers in the area are looking to hire professionals with a master’s degree. Overall, these jobs pay well because of the additional schooling required. There are several opportunities to earn advanced positions with this degree as well.

Career Opportunities

Overall, working in this field is highly beneficial for individuals in terms of career opportunities. Many applied sciences provide several job prospects because the work is highly technical. Even within engineering, different branches offer a variety of occasions. Some engineering fields give a limited amount of jobs, depending on the trends and projects occurring in the area. Chemical engineering career opportunities are one of the most consistently profitable and expanding branches of the industry.

A lot of job listings for chemical engineers look to hire professionals with a few essential skills. Many employers in the artificial engineering career field continue to desire workers with a wide range of experience with both chemical design and engineering backgrounds. If you earn a degree in engineering or chemistry as individual studies, then these hiring managers likely do not want to hire you. For this reason, work opportunities for chemical engineers apply only to those with a college degree in this sector.

The highly specialized nature of understanding chemistry and engineering makes the job market vast and ever-expanding. There are several areas of growth in the industry that pertain to renewable resources, environmental protection, and more reliable products for global expansion. Numerous sectors are looking to hire more chemical engineers, making the career field a safe bet for students.

Chemical Engineering Articles and Books

If you don’t feel prepared to begin this job, then you could benefit from learning more about the hot topics related to this subject. The best place to turn for more in-depth information about an academic study is in scholarly journals and books. Chemical engineering articles help students, as well as interested readers, learn more about the career requirements and work of professionals in the field. There are several places to turn, and many resources are free to access.

For the top journals and articles in chemical engineering, you may need a subscription. Unfortunately, these subscription costs are quite expensive. The good news for college students or graduates is academic libraries offer access to many of these journals for free. This way, you can further your learning about topics outside your expertise without paying the high fees for academic publications.

In many journals and books, the content aims to inform professionals or students in the subject of research findings and current topics of interest. The material sometimes requires a basic knowledge of chemical engineering lingo to decipher what researchers discuss in their papers. To help get a basic understanding, it can help to pursue books that serve as an introduction to the subject. The terminology is easy to memorize, and then you can continue to advanced research papers. 

Chemical Engineering FAQ

If anything about the work of a chemical engineer interest you, consider checking out these additional inquiries about the career.

What exactly does a chemical engineer do?

A chemical engineer takes several elements or raw materials and creates new objects or items. These professionals can work with equipment or plant life to help create new, useful products. There are plenty of opportunities to develop innovations for society, and many designs go on to help people and businesses. The work is highly technical and requires advanced knowledge.

Is Chemical Engineering a good career?

Chemical engineering is an excellent career for several reasons that lead to professional success. The job market is robust and features several openings at all times of the year. The positions pay well, and there are plenty of opportunities to take on new responsibilities. It’s a beneficial career field to pursue.

Is Chemical Engineering hard?

Chemical engineering involves several dense areas of study, including chemistry, engineering, and other natural sciences. If someone achieves a degree in this subject, then the work is relatively standard for the college courses taken for a degree. Otherwise, the field appears hard to those unaware of the different skills required of professional chemical engineers.

Do chemical engineers get jobs?

Chemical engineers find jobs easily due to the advanced knowledge needed for these positions. Most jobs in this profession require a college degree and, in some cases, graduate degrees. There are several job opportunities in chemical engineering that provide a robust job market to all graduates and professionals. It’s a favorable profession for steady work.


There are several requirements to fulfill a career in chemical engineering. If the role sounds interesting to you, then you should heavily consider studying the subject. There are numerous jobs in this profession waiting to hire you. The work never seems to slow down as many innovations, and discoveries come out of this influential field. There are several reasons to consider a job as a chemical engineer, including high pay, meaningful work, and steady career opportunities.

If you are not ready for this job, then you can continue to learn more about the subject. There is nothing wrong with building knowledge on a topic without working in that industry. Studying chemical engineering might help you in your career requirements should you ever decide to work in some form of the industry. There are so many considerations related to this subject that starting some work now to learn about its theories can pay off in the long run.

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