What Is an Accountant?

Being an Accountant

No matter the industry or scope of a business, accounting is a fundamental aspect of managing revenue and budgets. With many elements to bookkeeping, the profession is a highly desired and profitable job for many individuals. For those who are contemplating a career as an accountant, then be sure to review the qualifications, salary, and job description to understand what the profession entails.

An accountant manages all financial considerations of businesses. The position usually does not make decisions on how to spend money but helps to ensure a company uses its financial resources responsibly. The role of an accountant is to organize and manage the costs and profits of a business to provide executives and owners are not losing money or failing to pay the necessary bills. 

Choosing a career as an accountant might sound boring, but the qualifications for this position mean you can expect to receive a high salary. Overall, the business world will always need accounting professionals, so review the job description to help decide if this job is right for you.

Accountant Description

If you earn a degree in bookkeeping, most accountant job descriptions are doing to look similar. The various responsibilities and expectations across industries feature many identical duties. For that reason, the career is very versatile and usually means it’s not difficult to find a job with a degree in the field.

Sometimes, new trends in the field can change the day to day practice of accounting. Otherwise, the primary description of an accountant is to analyze costs, revenue, and spending of a company or business. Accountants monitor the flow of money earned and spent by a firm depending on the decisions of executives and owners. Very rarely do accounting professionals decide how to spend money. They monitor how much a company brings in and pays.

For a long time, the number of accountants working for a business depended on the size of the company. Today, a job description for an accountant might apply to the entire company’s finances or just a sector or branch of a company. The scope of the job often relates directly to the salary. Earnings come down to the individual’s duties and responsibilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

To manage a company’s finance, most accountants in the career earn a Certified Public Accountant certification. The training implies that the individual learned all the necessary duties and responsibilities of a bookkeeper. The rules and regulations associated with a CPA certification depend on federal and state financial laws.

The primary duties of accounting include keeping documentation of all financial actions and agreements. The keeping of economic files ensures the proper completion of tax returns and preparedness for audits. While accountants rarely make strategic planning decisions, they can offer suggestions or best practices to ensure a healthy flow of cash.

Lastly, significant responsibility for any career accountant is to perform their job honestly. A CPA certification is only valid if a professional practices legal bookkeeping. The accreditation can become void if any illegal activity occurs on behalf of the individual. Despite requiring many qualifications, an accountant mostly completes the same tasks year after year.

What is the Average Salary?

If you choose to pursue a career as an accountant, then what sort of salary can you expect? Like any profession, the income you make directly relates to how much experience you have in the field. For the early years of a career in accounting, individuals can expect to make between 50,000-60,000 dollars. The range applies to recent graduates newly entering the workforce as well as entry-level roles in accounting departments. Some do make more out of school, and some make less depending on the size of the company.

After several years in the professional world, the average salary ends up around 70,500 dollars. Some accountants make an additional income by filing tax returns for others. As a private accountant, you can make a lot of money helping others with taxes. For the most part, Americans do not understand the process of filing their income and property documents.

Overall, the income associated with accounting is quite substantial. In short, there are a lot of different things that determine the salary an accountant makes during their career. If you want to make more, then joining professional organizations can help connect you to better job opportunities and additional sources of income.

Accountant Career Facts

There are additional facts that might help determine if being an accountant is right for you. Overall, the pros and cons of accounting weigh heavily in favor of the profession is highly desired. Firstly, the opportunities to find a job are bountiful. There are always new listings for corporate or personal accountants. If you get a degree in the field, then you can almost always find some work.

Secondly, the earning potential and freedom to work anywhere are significant benefits. As long as you have a computer and accounting software, you can do your job from anywhere. Most companies will require you to work in an office, but if you are a freelance accountant, you can go and come as you please.

In terms of cons, a significant impact on the profession is the constant learning one must undergo as technology and laws change. Likewise, qualifications for a job as an accountant usually take a long time to earn, with some certifications taking place after college. Tax season is also hectic, meaning there will be a lot of work to do from January 1 to April 15. Otherwise, the job is a suitable line of work.

Accountant FAQ

If you have questions about the qualifications and description of an accountant job, then review these inquiries!

What do you do as an accountant?

As an accountant, professionals collect documents and reports on the financial status of a company or business. It’s this person’s job to record all spending and profits to keep a balanced budget. The position also ensures the proper filing of tax returns, so there are no legal issues with the state or federal government.

Do accountants make good money?

Accountants bring in a significant amount of money, depending on what type of job they have. For most accountants, working for a company yields an average pay of around 70,000 dollars. If an accountant works freelance or specializes in personal tax returns, they can make even more during busy seasons like Tax Season or the end of fiscal quarters.

What skills do accountants need?

Accountants need skills in bookkeeping, finance, and mathematics. Even a small company’s budget is hard to balance and organize, given how much comes in and goes out. If an accountant works for a large company, then skills like time management and organization come into play as well. No matter what, an understanding of tax and finances laws is essential.

How can I become an accountant?

To become an accountant, professionals need an associate’s degree or higher. The degree they earn must be in the field of accounting, and every state has different laws in which professionals need to pass a test for certification. On top of the requirements, it helps for accountants to be knowledgable in finance and quick thinkers in the face of problems or complications.


Not everyone believes the career of an accountant is right for them. If you think you might be fit for this field, then it helps to have a description of the job and the necessary qualifications and skills to be an accountant. Overall, the profession is highly technical and reliant on mathematics and finance. For some, working with numbers every day sounds like a nightmare. Not everyone proves capable of working with analytical data in their profession, but it’s a necessary career. Without accountants, there would be little knowledge of the proper way to manage money for a business.

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