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In this article, I present Dave4Math and its mission statement. I also explain why online learning at Dave4Math works, and I answer the question: why use Dave4Math? Towards the end, I discuss the importance of transferring knowledge from various perspectives.

No matter what academic path you are on, I want to provide you with the best materials and readings possible. It’s crucial to our communities and culture to enhance and engage with educational opportunities. Review this about us page, the mission statement for Dave4Math, my bio, and why more and more visitors use it to grow and improve their education.

Welcome, I’m David A. Smith. I work with students and professionals to publish educational articles and resources for online learning.

I hope that everyone looking to engage with new subjects and topics can find what they need here. Students in college can use these media to supplement course work. Likewise, you might be looking to change careers, and this site features plenty of resources for information and inspiration. Here’s how I work to help everyone.

About Dave4Math

One thing to know about us is that we help everyone at any time advance their knowledge.

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Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. This article is the place to read all about Dave4Math, the best place on the web to learn.

Overall, community and collaboration are essential to online learning platforms. At Dave4Math, we focus on providing a wide range of detailed, helpful, and trustworthy resources to students from all walks of life. Whether you are in college, in a career, or figuring out the future, we bring you content from the top faculty and professionals in all major disciplines.

In the past, access to these thought-leaders only occurred in college programs. Now, you can obtain and learn from experts from anywhere. Come to Dave4Math and learn with us about career skills that could provide you with knowledge about a future profession.

Dave4Math empowers everyone to pursue the subjects that interest them most. From high school to adults in the working world, we connect students and professionals in a comprehensive digital learning space. Our mission statement of being the top site for online learning guides our efforts to provide accessible, free tools for anyone willing to learn to do so.

Let us help you find the content about the topics you need to succeed.

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Sky’s The Limit. We offer online learning experiences that connect our readers at all stages of the learning process. If you have a goal, then we can help you reach your hopes and dreams.

Overall, Dave4Math helps you find the articles, videos, and commentary you need to master a subject. Firstly, our collection of content includes scholarly journal submissions, formal papers, and academic research. On top of that, we also feature more conversational, non-academic sources that are credible and often more comfortable for some to read. For example, some of these types include interviews, question and answer pieces, and updates on the latest current events. This variety of articles is central to what we hope you love about us as a resource for information.

After that, you can also explore reports that summarize and cover several other credible sources of information. For example, some of our current events items follow our mission statement of being the best source of information by sharing articles with you from several sources.

Everyone learns their best using various types of written pieces and structures. To accommodate everyone, you can expect to see a diverse lineup of content here on the website. Whether you want direct sources or an introduction to content within a topic or field, we provide you with the resources to discover how you study best. Stay up to date with news, articles, and tutorials with Dave4Math.

Here, we want to help everyone learn, so we want to talk a little bit about us.

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Learn More About Us. If you think about it, then the world is changing in every which way. Overall, one thing that never falters is the human drive to learn. Learning is as natural to us as walking and sleeping. If you continue after high school to college or a job, you’re also learning. In short, it’s with us every step of the way through life.

Here at Dave4Math, learning is not just something we enjoy; it’s a passion. Overall, the drive to push education forward is one that many undertake, but we try to do things differently. Some websites stick to one particular type of content or one intended audience.

Dave4Math isn’t just for one type of learner. You might be 20 years into a career, wanting to brush up on topics fit for your line of work. You might even be a student entering college, looking for a bit more clarity on a challenging subject. Likewise, you may be an industry professional hoping to share what you know to make someone else’s learning more comfortable.

Whatever the reason you’re here at Dave4Math, we’re glad to have you. We want our mission statement to be the driving force behind your continued learning and accomplishments.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the preeminent source of information on knowledge related to mathematics. With our educational articles, videos, and commentary, we aim to be helpful, insightful, and authoritative. Dave4Math believes the pursuit of truth and facts is a central tenet of human endeavor. Without this pursuit, humanity would not excel as it has since the dawn of civilization.

My Commitment to You

Education and a hunger for learning drive the constant development of content on Dave4Math, and it is our purpose to share this knowledge with everyone. Through our high-quality content, we connect readers with valuable expertise in a variety of disciplines.

Dave4Math knows that all members of the higher education community have a role to play. Students help energize innovation as they learn from those already working in the professional world. Likewise, many professionals have stories, ambitions, and insights that inspire and promote discourse. As an educational website, Dave4Math is committed to its role in connecting these groups of people.

Everyone’s Exploration

We offer a wide range of content from the hard sciences to the social sciences, from art and history to medicine and nursing, and more. These are standard fields of study in higher education and some of the most innovative areas for professionals. For that reason, we open our content up to both ends of the spectrum. For example, professors and former educators share their expertise, as do professionals working in their careers.

We aim to reach out directly to professionals to learn about their stories, ambitions, and insights.

Created by professionals with the intent of helping others become professionals, Dave4Math began by simply pulling together the best articles and media it could find. In short, the company started with a professor who wanted to share his knowledge with everyone. With an academic background and a passion for professional and individual development, the Dave4Math mission statement started with one desire: offer a comprehensive place to learn, discuss, and network.

Since then, Dave4Math has aimed to benefit everyone who visits searching for knowledge on various topics. Overall, as we share more articles, videos, and comments, Dave4Math grows the educational materials platform that helps everyone learn more about their interests. Even now, the site is full of great content to get newcomers on board with the top trends and tools for online learning.

Why online learning at Dave4Math works

Why Online Learning Works​ Group Of Mature College Students Collaborating On Project

In short, online learning is a crucial tool for a modern educational experience. In a lot of ways, online resources solve the problems of traditional education. Something fundamental about us is the idea that online learning shouldn’t make things harder. Because of that reason, we avoid some of the more annoying aspects of online resources.

For example, we feature numerous articles you can read for free. If you want to tackle something new, then these articles are a great way to get introduced to topics. Overall, the materials make it natural and unfettered to get to know the sort of content with which you might want to engage.

In short, online learning shouldn’t be about fees and membership dues.

Articles published by David Smith

Overall, articles are not all created equal across the web. For example, a list-based article on top ways to get a good college experience might not be the most credible resource. Likewise, academic writing is a crucial element in whether or not a text is scholarly or not. Scholarly articles don’t always have to come from journals or periodicals. It’s a trope that many assume is true for all scholarly articles. Many of the resources at Dave4Math are academic. How can that be? In short, we focus on getting content directly from professionals and professors who know their fields well.

Why use Dave4Math?

Dave4Math offers unique reviews for online courses and educational books. Approximately 70% of high school graduating Americans will attend a college or university. However, less than two-thirds of these students will finish their degrees. How many students have access to affordable educational content that will help prepare them for their classes? Dave4Math offers reviews for a variety of web courses for students. In short, experienced professionals create these courses, and many of them are affordable. We also review online textbooks, free or otherwise, to help students and professionals find the resource they need.

Our online articles are informative and educational. In total, there are over 500 million blogs worldwide and over 2 million blog posts daily. Professionals do not write the majority of these posts for educational purposes. Dave4Math has your online learning needs covered. We have academic and scholarly articles in fields ranging from actuarial science to zoology. All of our pieces are freely accessible by anyone at any time.

Learn about self-publishing and promoting your educational content. Overall, over 1 million books are self-published every year. Conversely, the five largest U.S. publishing companies account for approximately 80% of the bookselling market share. Given these two things, how can professionals get their self-published books in front of an audience and help students to find them? Our step-by-step self-publishing guides help authors learn the basics so that their content can reach a specific audience. Our media has unique offerings that more effectively help authors discover how to self-publish successfully.

Personal Growth: From Former Self To Self

As individuals, nobody gets to know us better than ourselves. Think back to two years ago. What were you doing? How were you acting? The chances are you wouldn’t be recognizable two years ago might seem outlandish, but we are continually growing as individuals. Our growth comes from interacting with a variety of stimuli, including people, places, and things. The media we consume, the food we eat, and the people we meet all go into our growth.

As we grow, so does our knowledge. At the heart of every big step in your life, the way you use your experience will dictate the growth you see in yourself as you move towards the best form of yourself.

The Human Desire for Personal Growth

About Us and Personal Growth Coach motivate to personal development and growth, David Smith walking

A big part of coming into your own is building knowledge. Some knowledge comes through the natural flows of human experience. A lot of knowledge, however, needs to be embraced and sought after.

As children in grade school, the process of learning sometimes may seem tedious and boring. That is until we see something or learn something that sparks a flame inside of us. That flame is the human desire for personal growth, and personal growth comes from any knowledge that you obtain at the individual level.

Dave4Math provides users with the ability to embrace personal growth at any point in your life that you could see it being beneficial. To truly understand one’s self, the dedication to personal growth must feel natural and not forced. For any habit to stick, it must be one that provides the individual with that same spark we all feel when we find our favorite subject in school.

Dave4Math is here to ensure every individual is ready to rediscover their spark or spread their flame for knowledge into new learning realms.

Cultural Change: From Parent To Child

Dave4Math Mother and teen son working together to learn new science About Us

Learning does not simply start on the first day of school. From the moment we are born, parents provide us with teaching and guidance. While parents do not sit toddlers down and formally instruct them on how to be toddlers, they provide cultural education about how to act, behave, and interact with others. As a child of having parents to guide you through the early, formative stages of life, the essential experience is priceless.

In a lot of ways, children need guidance at this stage more than ever. Sure, K-12 programs and college courses will provide them with a strong foundation for knowledge. However, students entering a new school level can only succeed in an institution if they are culturally skilled in acting and behaving.

Sharing is caring

A child’s experience from a parent is one of the most basic human processes for knowledge sharing. This knowledge obtained is something that forms their mood and actions for the rest of their lives.

Likewise, parents benefit from the experience of watching their child grow into a functioning adult. There are few experiences more rewarding than raising a child, as many parents will attest.

The experience is rewarding because the knowledge being passed down culturally from parent to child will help grow together as intelligent individuals working for a better world. The parent/child relationship proves to be one of the most critical passages of knowledge in our entire lives. Also, adults can mentor children in various settings. At the core of the parent-to-child relationship is an adult looking for the best possible future for the child, provided through knowledge and cultural insights into how to be a proper person.

Education: From Professional To Student

Speaker Presenting Presentation to Audience Conference Executive Presenter Giving Speech to Audience for Professionals Technology Lecturer Educating Entrepreneurs, David Smith Lecturing

Education is a vital institution at all levels. It’s the only institution that provides insights and examples about the human experience and what it’ll take to thrive as an individual.

While other institutions center on goals focused on the organization itself, education aims to spread knowledge and teach the ability to acquire new knowledge. Learning is a human right. We make this possible thanks to the relationship between professionals and students. The transition from student to professional seems steep. The process, which can lead students through undergraduate work to doctoral studies and beyond, involves much research. The passage of knowledge from a professional to a student is essential for both roles.

For students, the goal is to learn and absorb the knowledge available to become a professional.

Academic fields to grow and flourish.

Without the insights of professionals in the field, students would not be able to grow in their knowledge. While they may read about subjects and theories, students require the guidance of professionals who know the information as if it were innate to their being. Only then it possible for the passage of knowledge to grow in a meaningful and permanent way.

The experience of the professional gained from working with students is also one of benefit. Sharing information and findings with students can assist professionals in building their understanding of what they know.

If you read something, you may know it on the surface level. If you can teach the information to others, especially those with less knowledge than you, the experience proves to be insightful and incredibly rewarding. Not to mention, the passage of knowledge from professionals to the student allows various academic fields to grow and flourish for decades to come.

Discovering the Story of Humankind and the World Around Us

The key to any great thinker is curiosity. An inquiry into the world around us can lead us to incredible places. The world is full of mystery, and a massive part of that can be the moments that push us forward. In many cases, great people are a culmination of all the work that comes before them.

Education and knowledge are collaborative processes.

The world is full over people who love to learn Smiling people

By looking at the people behind the ideas and the ideas themselves, we can track centuries of progress in knowledge. Everyone reading Dave4Math today is, in part, an actor in a more extended play. The world is full of people who love to learn. Dave4Math focuses on the breadth of great work.

By accessing the expanses of the universe, we can understand ourselves better. That can mean things like where we come from, as well as how we act. Every realm of knowledge and education have roles to play here. The sciences and liberal arts are both parts of a larger picture.

To understand some of life’s most complex problems, we find that knowledge helps us learn what we need to know.

Understanding Our Knowledge

Dave4Math aims to expand our understanding of knowledge. If you want to study a new area, you can read the basics and the history of the field. It’s all a part of a more extensive web of connected components in which all lifelong learners participate.

Every field of study has a role to play, so let’s discuss the applications of each. In their objective way, each principal area contributes to one another through the acceleration of our minds.

The explorations of the universe that occur through knowledge assist us in writing new chapters of humankind’s journey.

Applications to the sciences and humanities

Dave4Math embracing social sciences and humantities two people holding hands around the world

When we find an application in a significant field of knowledge, we can do two things. One, we understand the information more deeply. Two, we know how it contributes to our experience. If you’re curious about the applications for each field, let’s discuss their importance.

Often thought of as the scientific branches of knowledge, these categories deal with our innate human experience. The applied sciences dictate ways we operate as members of humankind. The formal sciences help us to master the process by which we explore the world around us. Lastly, the natural sciences build our understanding of new forms of innovation and progress. Each field helps us build an understanding of the human experience and journey.

About us and our natural form of human communication

For many students and professionals, these fields of science help us build an overall knowledge of the living elements of humankind. Of course, our environment helps lead us to the liberal sciences, including social science and the humanities.

Applying the social sciences to our lives means understanding how we work and interact with one another. When we want to know why someone acts or behaves the way they do, we use subjective inquiry and scientific methodology. The combination of the two bits of help provides a look into the brain, the body’s reaction to events and people, as well as the innermost depths of human emotion and interaction.

Likewise, the humanities focus on the study of humans. In fields like journalism and philosophy, we see a natural form of human communication that inspires thought and problem-solving.

While many support philosophical studies, participating in philosophical inquiry includes reading past thinkers’ works and building on that thinking; furthermore, work in library science and visual arts helps us interact with humans’ study through organized research.

How to use the content on Dave4Math

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Dave4Math aims to assist you in furthering your understanding of everything and anything. By interacting with our articles, you’ll be able to find valuable books, online courses, and services that you can use to broaden your knowledge, as well as further your understanding of things you enjoy.

In a lot of ways, the content on Dave4Math guides you every step of the way. Articles are a fantastic way to engage with new topics. At no cost, you can read about the basics. Plus, catch up on current events.

At Dave4Math, we want you to find everything you could want from an online learning resource. Overall, this goal is why we work with the world’s top thinkers and professionals as contributors to bring users industry-leading insights. We always keep our articles free to read, and you can take them with you everywhere you go on mobile devices. To conclude, learn what you want, where you want, with our library of curated content in the humanities and sciences.

Dave4Math guides you at every step.

The world is full over people who love to learn Smiling people

What resources on Dave4Math have you found? You can start searching or use the sidebar menu above by selecting a topic.

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How has Dave4Math helped you? Dave4Math works to help everyone, no matter their educational background. Learn from the top minds across a variety of professions from home and for no subscription cost.

So now you know about us, let’s learn about Dave or perhaps even contact him.