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Hi, I’m Dave. My passion is for mathematics, and I plan to share it with you.

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What Others Are Saying

He is a great instructor, best math teacher ever.  I was really scared about calculus, but I’m glad it was him that taught it. He is also willing to help, approachable, and hopefully I can participate in his class later on in my college career.

– Calculus 1 student

The professor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and taught the material in a very clear way. The class was enjoyable and was the first class I have been excited to go to.

– Calculus 3 student

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I think this teacher is great.  Prof. Smith reminds you of previous topics and connects them to new ones when starting new material. Explains topics in depth in a fast paced way. His lectures are very prepared and planned out. He does a good job leaving theorems and definitions on the board to refer back to during an example problem. 

– Introduction to Proofs student

Professor Smith clearly showed that he loves his job, which made the course much more interesting. He stated the objectives at the beginning of every class, explained each theory, completed proofs, and provided step by step examples on the board. This teaching style was extremely successful to me, and helped me understand the material much better than expected.

– Number Theory student